THE ETERNAL FLAME – Feature | Period Piece

“The Eternal Flame” is a period piece set in 16th century Italy. Currently it is a feature length screenplay and I’ve been considering writing it as a novel or expanding it into a miniseries.

The main character is CATERINA. In the midst of a tumultuous time, Caterina has a depth of beauty; an inner peace, a subtle strength, imparting a feeling of grace.

Overview: “The Eternal Flame”

Italy in the 16th Century

It was a time of war, famine, epidemics, political and
church corruption.
It was a time of one woman’s life.
In a time when most women were silent, her voice was heard.
In a time of desperation and decline, her voice held hope.
In a time of corruption, her voice held integrity.
In a time of fear, her voice gave faith.
In a time when church edicts declared an angry, punitive
God, she dared to define God by her heart.
It was a time of darkness and a time of light.
It is time for “The Eternal Flame”

Written by Susan Eileen Jizba

“The Eternal Flame” is set in Tuscany in 16th century Italy. 

with a few scene in Florence, Italy