Rhyming Story: “The Ballad of the Mystical Witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe” – Historical Fiction


“The Ballad of the Mystical Witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe” is a prequel to my feature WOLF MOON MANOR which is set in the modern times. Maeve is the ancestor to the current day Wolfe women: Iona, Aelfen, and Fae, and the original founder of Wolf Moon Manor.

“The Ballad of the Mystical Witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe”

LOGLINE: A 17th Century mystic, wise woman, and witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe flees the oncoming religious civil war and persecuting witch hunts in her ancestral Irish lands to embark on a journey to the New World to find and found a sanctuary for wild creatures and old growth forests, creating a safe place to pass on her ancient knowledge and wisdom until the time was right to take on the powerful forces of the Patriarchy. 

“The Ballad of the Mystical Witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe”

Maeve knew when it was time to leave, she heard her ancestor’s whispers upon the western wind,

She knew her search would take her far to find refuge in the New World, her vision told of it long ago

Images on a pond’s still surface, showed a journey on a seaworthy ship, a kind captain, and a wintery arrival
And the turbulent tempest that she would invoke for swift passage over the white capped sea, it would blow. 

Maeve knew holy wars were coming once again, to her ancestors’ beloved emerald-green Irish isles
She knew the sacred wells would once more run red with the warring violence of men’s blood

And the silent standing stones where they gathered to honor the turning of the seasons and the cycles of the moon
Would be desecrated by the warriors’ vicious clash, leaving broken bodies, trampled and splattered in mud. 

Maeve knew the peaceful people would be brutalized, pillaged, displaced, starved, and fall ill many times again

She knew the powerful patriarchy valued only the violent victor, cheering on the rough rape of her sacred lands

Singing drinking songs that lusted of brute strength, violent forces ever seeking more might and perpetual power
The villagers were the victims, deeply scarred by the warring factions and cruelty of their ruthless hands. 

Maeve knew the patriarchal priests would stalk her, carrying wooden crosses and kindling for burning fire

She knew their hypocrisy well, their fear mongering, their cruel acts; she saw the visions as the veil cleared

Threatened by her gentle sisters, they demonized their innate insights into the Great Goddess so divine
The women’s wise council, skills of magic, manifestation and spiritual sight was what they secretly feared. 

Maeve knew her travels would be transformative, but she didn’t expect to fall in love so deeply and so fast

She knew she’d be content with the kind captain who was fascinated by her healing ways and profound prophetic sight

They arrived at landfall in the winter, traveling across the frozen landscape to find the sacred spot that she sought
Under the frosty full wolf moon in the night, her sanctuary silently glistened, glowing in its ethereal silvery lunar light. 

Maeve knew her spell casting would shelter the hunted from the hunter and guard the sacred groves of old growth trees

She knew the gathering wolves would provide protection, she felt a kinship and a connection to their sorrowful howl

The natives housed them through the winter, they shared a reverence for the creatures and the sanctity of the site
In the spring with their help and blessings, they built a manor on the refuge where the wild things could freely prowl. 

Maeve knew one day the light would conquer the darkness, and her descendants would regain their rightful respect

She knew it would take many centuries and many cycles, but the tide would finally turn, when the timing was just right

She founded a mystical academy on the sanctuary to pass down ancient knowledge with added insights through the years
Until the women would rise again, fully equipped, to peacefully battle their very worthy and very noble, final fight. 


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