“Formosa Place” 1hr TV pilot

Summary: “Formosa Place” – TV Series 1 hr. drama/comedy

A parody of the perilous nature of Hollywood politics in a small fictional production company “Formosa Entertainment” set in the 1990’s. 

“Formosa Place” Awards: 

Honorable Mention Scriptapalooza TV Writing Competition (Los Angeles)

Honorable Mention Pilot Quest (New York)

A British Producer wanted to buy the pilot to produce in the UK. Unfortunately the financing fell through. Recently I’ve updated the pilot based on industry feedback and outlined storylines for subsequent episodes. 

Pilot episode: “Formosa Place: If it Ain’t in Writing”

In the pilot episode “If it Ain’t in Writing” the employees of Formosa Entertainment are in for twists, turns, shocks and surprises as the company is taken over by a new set of financiers.

” Formosa Place” Cast of Characters – a combustible mix:

DAMIAN DEMARCO, late thirties, Head of Business Affairs. A hustler so slick, he could sell a pair of glasses to a blind man. His assistant VIRGINIA DICKOFF, early twenties, acts on his behalf as his personal spy and instrument of destruction. 

MARTIN SANTINI, fifties, Head of Production and a Republican who is staunchly loyal to his party and to his conservative views. Martin’s assistant is RON PRIME.

Although just in his twenties, Ron Prime believes he knows more about the entertainment industry than a seasoned executive with years of hard knocks and experience. Ron thinks Martin is too outdated and not hip enough to be Head of Production. Ron believes that he deserves and is the logical choice for his boss’s position and is not afraid to express this opinion whenever Martin’s back is turned.

XENIA TURNAGE, late thirties, Head of Accounting. She dresses in a conservative, matronly, yet slightly sloppy manner. Her personality tends toward paranoia. She can easily be pushed over the edge with one slight nudge. Ron Prime finds great enjoyment in taunting her. Xenia has a hidden wild side to her that suddenly emerges, giving the conservative Martin Santini the hots for her. Martin becomes insanely jealous of any occasional suitor real or imagined, that Xenia might find. 

WILLARD SWIFT, middle age, Head of Development, an anachronism. Well-meaning but tends to lag one step behind the high-speed turbo charged pace of Hollywood politics.

Willard’s assistant SYBIL PUENTES, thirties, has no fear and an acid tongue. Sybil tells it like it is to Willard’s face whenever he screws up or looks like he’s going to. Sybil is irritated with the inherent stupidity of almost everyone who she’s ever met, especially her boss. Everyone at Formosa Entertainment is a little scared of Sybil.

HUNTER JAMISON, thirties, is the Creative Executive at Formosa. Hunter has all the right equipment and is not afraid to use it; a tight skirt, tight shirt, and tight T&A.

Hunter’s main rival is TINA SHAGAL, early twenties, the sexy assistant to Formosa’s main creative producer Leonard Heald.

Hunter and Tina hate each other and are constantly fighting. In it for the money and the power, Hunter and Tina try to oust each other in order to get the opportunity to be Leo’s bedroom buddy so that they can obtain the accompanying privileges, power, and insider information.

Hunter is very intelligent, but needier than Tina. Tina is not as smart as Hunter, and she sometimes imitates Hunter when she can’t come up with anything original.

LEONARD HEALD, Thirties. The main creative producer at Formosa, partners with Lyle. Leonard was born into the business and was taught by an early age how to spot creative talent as well as how to successfully stroke the immense egos of the most difficult of Stars.

LYLE MARKDUKE, middle age, Leonard’s partner and the main business producer at Formosa. His efficiency and professionalism stand out in stark contrast to the emotional power politics that drive the others at Formosa. His no-nonsense assistant is ERNA SCHACTER, although just in her twenties, she has seen it all and nothing phases her.

KYLE LONGBOARD, early thirties, the runner. Laidback and introverted, Kyle is underestimated and dismissed as a Pot Head. Unknown to most, Kyle has street smarts. He avoids much of the toxic office politics due to his job making deliveries and pick-ups for Formosa around town. Kyle is well known for his top-notch weed and easily scores pot deals. Through his side-business Kyle has built up more industry contacts than even the top executives at Formosa Place.

Kyle never believed in “love at first sight” until he saw Sarah.

SARAH MIDDLETOWN, twenties, intern and aspiring screenwriter. Sweetly pretty. Midwest Nice. A fish out of water within the cutthroat culture of Tinseltown.