Feature: WOLF MOON MANOR –  Supernatural Drama


WOLF MOON MANOR written by Susan Eileen Jizba


FORMAT:       Feature | Grounded Supernatural Drama 

LOGLINE:       A successful businesswoman, who had long ago rejected her magical heritage in order to fit in to the mainstream culture, has to reassess the choices of her past when her mother’s dying wish, forces her on a scavenger hunt in which she must decide whether to reclaim her authentic nature and ancestral manor with it’s risks and dangers, or continue to live a life of lies.

You can visit my three main characters, Iona, Fae, and Aelfen, at my WOLF MOON MANOR Pinterest board:

My short story “The Ballad of the Mystical Witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe” is the prequel to my feature WOLF MOON MANOR. See below link to the related prequel / short story: