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Most women are inspired by the new interest in stories being told from an authentic feminine point of view. I know I am. Maybe you are too. 

With the enormous success of films such as BARBIE, stories told from the female perspective are finally being taken seriously. But there is much more to explore beyond BARBIE, within the feminine perspective.

The tarot card/metaphysical industry is a fast-growing industry that generates over $1 Billion Dollars annually, but its target audience is typically overlooked and not taken seriously.  Not surprisingly most of its customers are women.  Hollywood typically stereotypes supernatural stories as just “fantasy” or “horror”.  A realistic representation of the metaphysical world is rarely found.

This presents a massive untapped opportunity. These are the stories that I love to write. Grounded supernatural stories that respect and explore the fascinating metaphysical world.

I believe most women are naturally connected to their intuition and have an inherent understanding of the subtle yet profound power of the unseen, yet very real, supernatural world. 

My latest feature THE PORTRAIT explores the supernatural theme of past lives from a realistic perspective. It’s a story that a lot of women have been waiting a long time to see. 


A Global Industry that made $1.3 Billion Dollars (USD) in 2022, represents a financial powerhouse, right?  It’s an industry that MarketWatch forecasts to grow to $1.6 Billion in 2028. It’s a massive industry yet Hollywood routinely overlooks its customers.  This untapped billion dollar industry is the tarot card industry. It’s a target audience that I love to write for.

The reason it’s a continually growing market is that it provides tools that build practical skills: Practical intuitive techniques such as remote viewing has been used by the CIA to gather precise data on weapons, operations and secret locations of foreign adversaries. Law enforcement has successfully used psychics to solve current crimes as well as cold cases.  Archaeologists have used intuitive techniques to pinpoint the location of ancient archaeological sites and to specifically identify the related buried artifacts.

As the world quickly moves forward with technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), photoshopping of content, and “deepfake” video manipulation, intuitive skills that allow people to “see below the surface” of things will become increasingly important to determine what is “real” and what is “fake”. 

The supernatural genre isn’t just about “chasing ghouls and demons.” The stories of its practical applications have yet to have been fully told. The next new frontier is the supernatural world. We have only scratched the surface. 

I’m fascinated by grounded supernatural stories and I love to write them. It’s a genre with a massive audience that is currently overlooked but it won’t be for long.


MarketWatch Press Release: Global “Tarot Cards Market” Advancement Strategy, World Top Players, Analysis and Forecast to 2028 Published: March 2, 2023 at 10:40 pm ET

Documentary: THIRD EYE SPIES (2019) (Remote viewing program by CIA, Archaeologists research / use of remote viewing in locating artifacts, sites) 

Nonfiction book:  “The Secret Vaults of Time: Psychic Archaeology and the Quest for Man’s Beginnings” by Stephan A. Schwartz



Growing up as the Black Sheep Liberal, raised by a family of Conservatives, Susan Eileen Jizba has always felt like an outsider. Susan is a LA based writer who loves to create driven female characters that echo her personal quest to find her “own tribe”; a home in which she is heard, understood, and can fully express her own unique authentic voice.

Fascinated with the polarity of how men and women view the same world very differently, Susan obtained a BA in Psychology from Claremont McKenna College. Inspired to express a feminine viewpoint in the fictional world, Susan learned the craft of screenwriting through UCLA Extension.  Motivated to learn the industry and master its evolving marketing game plans, Susan worked at Disney, Beacon Pictures, Sony, and Samuel Goldwyn Films.


LOGLINES: Features | Short Screenplays | Short Stories

Listed below are the loglines of the original, award-winning writing (features, short screenplays, short stories) written by Susan Eileen Jizba:  

FEATURES: Loglines


FORMAT:       Feature | Grounded Supernatural Mystery

LOGLINE:       When a talented artist with psychic gifts is commissioned to paint the portrait of a skeptical British antique art dealer at his country manor, she must unravel the dangerous mystery of her own tragic past life in order to rediscover the love she lost and the home where she truly belongs. 

See below link for the Look Book re: THE PORTRAIT




FORMAT:       Feature | Supernatural Horror

LOGLINE:       When a vengeful, popular teenager creates an evil Poppet doll to punish her innocent, introverted, new witchy stepsister, it backfires, and she must become what she has despised and team up with her loathed stepsister to stop the increasingly violent and devious Poppet doll for good.  

See below link for the Look Book re: THE POPPET


I’m currently adapting THE POPPET into a feature length project (I’ve already adapted it into a short film with the same title.) It was inspired by my award winning flash fiction 100-word story “The Poppet”*

Here’s the link to my original 100-word award winning short story:



FORMAT:       Feature | Grounded Supernatural Drama 

LOGLINE:       A successful businesswoman, who had long ago rejected her magical heritage in order to fit in to the mainstream culture, has to reassess the choices of her past when her mother’s dying wish, forces her on a scavenger hunt in which she must decide whether to reclaim her authentic nature and ancestral manor with it’s risks and dangers, or continue to live a life of lies.

See below link for the Look Book re: WOLF MOON MANOR


My short story “The Ballad of the Mystical Witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe” is the prequel to my feature WOLF MOON MANOR. See below link to the related prequel / short story:




FORMAT:       Feature | Grounded Supernatural Drama

LOGLINE:       A woman whose childhood psychic talents helped uncover an extraordinary archaeological site, must battle her childhood demons, as well as dangerous outside forces, when she agrees to help an archaeologist’s son find his missing mother and reveal controversial ancient truths about the sacred Goddess. The threats against them are very real, as their discoveries are poised to result in a revolutionary change in the way people see the world.


TITLE:            GUILTY

FORMAT:       Feature | Drama / Murder Mystery

LOGLINE:       A  homicide detective, who is also a rape survivor, is assigned to solve the brutal murder of a rapist. 




FORMAT:       One-Hour Serialized TV Series | Workplace satire

LOGLINE:    When a sleazy Hollywood player starts to lose his Midas touch, he becomes obsessed with annihilating the newfound fame of the company’s laidback pot-dealing delivery guy and his crush, a fresh off the bus, talented aspiring screenwriter. 




FORMAT:       Short Script | Supernatural Mystery

LOGLINE:       On Halloween night, a woman attempts to conjure the spirit of her deceased grandmother, but unknowingly ends up awakening powerful mysterious forces within herself instead.


TITLE:            A YEAR AND A DAY

FORMAT:       Short Script | Romance

LOGLINE:       A Wedding Planner and an Accountant take a leap of faith at a small Italian villa overlooking the sea, as they dive headlong into an adventure of the senses, in pursuit of the true love that has always evaded them. 



FORMAT:       Short Script | Horror (adapted from my short story)

LOGLINE:       A callous young man learns a little too late that his careless words and actions can have deadly consequences.


JUST FOR FUN: A HORROR LOVER’S FANZINE, is a Quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition 2024


JUST FOR FUN: A HORROR LOVER’S FANZINE, is a Finalist in the Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards and will be included in the Santa Barbara film festival. 

Link to related short script:


TITLE:            THE MAGICIAN *

FORMAT:       Short Script | Spy / Action Adventure

LOGLINE:       A mysterious woman poses as a contact, “The Magician”, to assist an engineer fleeing with the blueprints of his top-secret invention, by helping him escape danger and catch a departing train; but is she his ally or an enemy? Is it a trap, or his only way out?



TITLE:            “The Ballad of the Mystical Witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe”

FORMAT:       Rhyming Short Story | Historical Fiction

LOGLINE:       A 17th Century mystic, wise woman, and witch, Maeve Saille Wolfe flees the oncoming religious civil war and persecuting witch hunts in her ancestral Irish lands to embark on a journey to the New World to find and found a sanctuary for wild creatures and old growth forests, creating a safe place to pass on her ancient knowledge and wisdom until the time was right to take on the powerful forces of the Patriarchy.

This short story is the prequel to my feature WOLF MOON MANOR.

Link to short story:


TITLE:            “Blame it on the Moonlight”

FORMAT:       Short Story | Magical Realism / Romance

LOGLINE:       An ambitious store clerk realizes he’s missing out on life and love when a mystical woman with a pet bat mysteriously shows up at his shop on the night of the full moon. 

Link to short story:


TITLE:            “The Gray Ledger” *

FORMAT:       Short Story | Supernatural Feminist Horror

LOGLINE:       A simple reconciliation of accounts turns out to be much more than one woman bargained for. A feminist horror tale with a twist. 

Link to short story:


TITLE:            “Just for Fun: A Horror Lover’s Fanzine”

FORMAT:       Short Story | A Horror Fable (also adapted into a short film)

LOGLINE:       A callous young man learns a little too late that his careless words and actions can have deadly consequences. 

Link to short story:



TITLE:            “A Simple Request” *

FORMAT:       Micro Fiction | Suspense / Thriller (100 words) 

LOGLINE:       A woman’s simple request to borrow an awl tool from a bookmaker, quickly switches into dangerous reciprocal request from the bookmaker. 

Link to short story:




Original TV Pilot:


            Honorable Mention – Scriptapalooza

            Honorable Mention – Pilot Quest

Short Film Scripts:

JUST FOR FUN: A HORROR LOVER’S FANZINE – Finalist in the Santa Barbara Intl. Screenplay Awards 

THE AWAKENING – Placed in top 15 – NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge

THE MAGICIAN – Finalist – Cinema Street Women’s Short Screenplay Competition

Short Stories / Micro Fiction / Flash Fiction:

“The Gray Ledger” – Placed in top 15 – NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge

“The Poppet” – 1st Honorable Mention NYC Midnight 250 word Microfiction Challenge

“A Simple Request” – 4th Place NYC Midnight 100 word Microfiction Challenge




UCLA Extension – Screenwriting Program


Greenlight Women Member / Founder of the Greenlight Women Writer’s Support Group